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Grand Bahama Island - Posted October 3, 2019
This is Isaiah McIntosh of McCleans Town, Grand Bahama Island.
He was in his house when Hurricane Dorian hit. He was washed out of his home (which was completely destroyed) but managed to grab onto a piece of plywood.
He was found a mile and a half down the road, disorientated and clinging to the plywood, refusing to let it go. Now he is living with his father who’s house was also damaged and not liveable. He not only received a tent to now live in while they rebuild, he is helping put up tents for others! This Disaster Aid Canada tent was provide by donors like you....
We are happy to announce that Disaster Aid Canada (DAC) and Soap for Hope (SfH) have been so successful that they have become two non-profits instead of one. The decision was made to align the mission, vision, and purpose of both these programs. 
This is where your donation dollars are going!
Thank you to all of the people who donated. Your support means so much. Now we will follow up and find out how we can improve even more.
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Support for the Bahamas is on its Way!
We have shipped 100 tents, 300 bed packs and around 10,000 hygiene items to be unloaded at Nassau and then deployed at 2 locations where evacuated storm victims are being relocated. Shipping is being done as a Donation by UPS and was picked up at our warehouse in Victoria. Our donors can be confident that there will be Rotarians and support people ready to deploy the aid.
Disaster Aid already had 50 tents on location in the Bahamas before the hurricane and they were deployed immediately. Disaster Aid Canada has been coordinating with Disaster Aid USA and Disaster Aid UK and Ireland to get our support done right. 
  1. A $100.00 donation delivers a Water Filtration System for a family which will provide 170 gallons of water per day. Clean water saves lives.
  2. For a donation of $500 you can supply a family with a large 3 room tent. 
  3. For $1,000 you can provide a Disaster Relief Kit complete with a large family tent, a cook stove, pots and pans, dishes, eating utensils, water jugs, and tools.
All donations are greatly appreciated. Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $20.00.  


By supporting Disaster Aid Canada you can make a real difference in the lives of people affected by natural and man made disasters


We work with Rotary Clubs and and other Disaster Relief Organizations to accomplish even more.


The most vulnerable are the first to be affected by a disaster. YOU can help make it a little less difficult.