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Over 30,000 Alberta residents have been evacuated as devastating fires spread uncontrollably across Southern and Northern Alberta. Dry conditions, winds, and extreme heat in the forecast expect to fuel the wildfires over the coming days. As of this post, 89 wildfires continue to burn across Alberta. The wildfires continue to damage major infrastructure and homes, forcing some evacuees to the realization that their homes may not have survived the fires. 

Disaster Aid Canada is collaborating with Rotary groups in multiple Alberta communities and other organizations to bring support to people affected by these wildfires. We will update you as the details of additional programs come our way.

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Türkiye & Syria Earthquake Appeal

Update Feb 15: The losses are unimaginable as we continue to hear back from teams in Turkey and Syria. The reported much-needed items are warm clothing, blankets, and hygiene products. Our partners Disaster Aid Europe have purchased items and delivered them to the Turkish Embassy in Prague. The first cargo plane of goods went out last Thursday and another on Saturday. They will continue to take items there and more when funds are received to make purchases. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Update Feb 9th: The Earthquake toll climbs to over 15,000 people, as the search teams battle conditions to find survivors. The WHO estimates over 23 million people are affected over multiple regions. Volunteers and aid have been pouring into the areas but they have an upward battle as buildings continue to crumble and temperatures plummet. 

Thank you for your donations.

Feb 6th: A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit at 4:18 am, followed by 7.5 and 6 magnitude aftershocks within hours. There have been over 100 aftershocks felt by millions over multiple regions. The quake has claimed over 3,000 lives and injured thousands more. Buildings are still collapsing all around while people continue to search for loved ones. 

Disaster Aid Canada is collecting funds to support those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We’re working with our Disaster Aid International partners as they assess the relief effort and to help place the support in the hands of those that need it most. 

Disaster Aid Europe is closely monitoring the situation in Turkey, as aftershocks continue to devastate the area. The evaluation of need is ongoing and Disaster Aid Canada will continue to update our donors as we receive reports from the region. 

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Pakistan Floods 2022Flood Relief for Nigeria

Since last fall, severe floods in Nigeria have caused the deaths of over 600 people and displaced 1.3 million from their homes. The region has experienced the most devastating episode of seasonal floods in a decade. 
Our Rotary Club partners in the affected Niger Delta region of Nigeria and Alberta, Canada, have joined together to send help for the ongoing effects of these unprecedented floods.
We will keep our donors updated as we hear more from our contacts in and near the area. Thank you for your support.
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Stand with UkraineHelp Provide Generators to Ukrainians

Ukraine's humanitarian crisis that began almost a year ago continues to wreak havoc on the region. The need for support is ongoing. 

We are updating our supporters this January 2023 to inform you of a new fundraising focus to support the victims of the Russian attack on Ukraine's electrical infrastructure.

Last year, thanks to your generosity, Disaster Aid Canada AC was able to send 50 Family Survival tents and 300 water purification units to Ukraine. Now, as the invasion there progresses, there are millions of people who are currently without power and are facing harsh winter conditions without heat or light. Imagine your home going without power for a few hours; or maybe for a couple of days. Some of these people have had no power for MONTHS. Their situation is becoming more dire by the day.

Our next goal is to raise enough money to purchase 25 gas-powered electrical generators for distribution in Ukraine. These generators will provide a vital source of energy, allowing people to heat and light their rooms.

In order to reduce shipping costs, the generators will be purchased in Europe. Reliable, well-established shipping and distribution contacts will allow us to deliver the generators directly to those in need. Our Disaster Aid International partners in Prague,  DA Europe, will coordinate the delivery to a Rotary Club in Ukraine for local distribution. 

Your support is vital in helping us provide essential aid to those affected by this disaster. Please consider making a donation today to help bring warmth and light to those suffering in the dark.

We are deeply thankful for your continued support, and we urge you to give as generously as you can. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis. Many thanks to those that continue to donate to this appeal. Please Donate.

Hurricane Fiona Support in Canada

Hurricane FionaHurricane Fiona hit Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean days ago and we're gathering support for those communities affected.

After battering Bermuda with heavy rain, strong winds, and massive waves, Hurricane Fiona took aim at northeastern Canada, one of the strongest storms on record for the region.

Fiona, a Category 4 hurricane, ripped through northeastern Canada, producing significant coastal flooding and damaging hurricane-force wind gusts and dangerous storm surges. They continue to deal with widespread power outages. 

Disaster Aid Canada is in touch with our Rotary contacts in the area to provide support to those most in need. We will continue to update our donors as we get more details on the relief efforts in the area. 

Thank you for your donation support for Atlantic Canada. Please click here to donate.

Pakistan Floods 2022

Help Provide Flood Relief for Pakistan 

Heavy monsoon rains have caused devastating floods in Pakistan, affecting 33 million people and causing hundreds of thousands to be displaced from their homes. Disaster Aid Canada is reaching out to our network of supporters to gather humanitarian aid and send help to those who need it most. We are working with Disaster Aid USA to get much-needed support to the area.
With flooding lasting since June, the area has not been able to recover, and now the threat of disease and famine will affect thousands more lives. Major roads, buildings, and infrastructure has been taken out by flash floods. Those that have escaped to dry land will still have the challenge of accessing clean drinking water, food, and shelter.
We must scale up our aid and provide urgent support for Pakistan.
We will keep our donors updated as we hear more from our contacts in and near the area. Thank you for your support.

Dinagat TyphoonHelp Provide Urgent Aid to Ukrainians.

Campaign Updates Listed Below

The crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine has escalated and has already shown the world that major humanitarian aid is needed in the region. The survivors are fleeing their homes, over 1.5 million people, some heading to friends and family across Europe, and some entering refugee camps. The need for support is both immediate and ongoing. The escalation is happening so quickly that we have launched our appeal to support our ties in Europe and will keep our supporters informed as moves are made to aid those affected.

Update on Ukraine - June 2022

50 Disaster Aid Canada tents finally arrived in Ukraine. It took a long while, and the distribution plan changed several times during transit. We shared a sea container with two other organizations; one of them was the Canadian Ukrainian Social Service. They had already shipped 18 containers of medical equipment to the area and arranged all the necessary paperwork for clearing customs. Much time and organization were saved collaborating with these organizations.

With assistance from the Ukraine military, the tents are then transported by trucks headed to hospitals still under Ukraine control on the Eastern front. One hospital mentioned is in Dnipro, and another in Kharkiv, but things change rapidly. We are confident the tents will be well received. More than 400 medical centers/hospitals have been damaged by Russian attacks.

Many thanks to those that have already donated to this appeal. please donate.
Merritt BC floods Nov. 2021BC Storms Emergency Support Update January 2022:

Disaster Aid Canada continues to provide aid to those that are still feeling the effects of last fall's devastating storm in BC. Your support has helped the people of the Tri-City area, the Interior, and Vancouver Island after the storm and floods displaced thousands of residents from their homes. Contacts have been made in areas such as Merritt, Princeton, Kamloops, and Richmond and we continue to add communities.

The raised funds continue to support Rotary groups such as the Rotary Club of Merritt and the Rotary Club of Steveston-Richmond, in cooperation with local community associations, to support the people directly affected by these floods, those most vulnerable to the devastation. We are in direct contact with them as they find ways to support people who have not received government funding, are not eligible for insurance claims, or just need help in the interim. 

We are so appreciative of the funds donated so far for the Wildfire and Storm victims in British Columbia.Merritt BC floods Nov. 2021

Your donations have helped address the gaps in immediate emergency services and in the interim services for those who lost their homes. Through the support of gift card donations, supporting local food banks, replacing computers, and providing PPE equipment, we have helped those impacted by storms and wildfires in 2021 and are now developing plans to help with temporary structures as winter impacts the communities. The rebuilding phase in these areas will take some time and funds will be critical once the weather improves in the spring.

Disaster Aid Canada will continue to support these communities hit hardest by these storms. PLEASE DONATE

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