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BC FloodsBC Was Hit With a Devastating Storm

Help Support BC residents affected by the devastating storm and floods that hit the province on November 14-15th, 2021. 

Historic rain levels hit the SouthWest corner of BC causing floods and landslides. Abbotsford, Princeton, Merritt, and areas on Vancouver Island were evacuated and are still displaced from their homes. Hundreds of motorists were stranded and helicoptered out by the Department of National Defense near Hope as mudslides on the highway left them without exit options. Major highways were shut down, washed away in sections from rising river levels, and are still under the observation of civil engineers to determine the toll of damage and expected re-opening timeline. 

Disaster Aid Canada is in communication with our Rotary and support contacts in the affected areas. Through their first-hand knowledge, we are able to gather funds to provide direct aid to meet the needs of the region.

We will be collaborating with Rotary groups and other organizations to bring support to the people affected. We will update as the details of the programs come our way.

Please donate what you can to help BC Residents. - Please click here to DONATE

Rio Blanco Water System Reconstruction Project

By Gerry Beltgens & Fernando Martinez
In the fall and winter of 2020 many communities in Central America were devastated by multiple hurricanes, tropical storms, landslides and flooding. This on top of the horrors of the pandemic. Millions were affected, tens of thousands were displaced or worse.
The water system for Rio Blanco was destroyed by flooding nearly a year ago. Every morning the women and children leave at 5:00am and walk 2 kilometers with wheelbarrows, buckets and plastic containers to get water. At the source they must wait for their turn to access the water with the other villagers. The men stay home to work in the coffee and bean fields or find work at neighbouring properties. There is only one vehicle in the town and it cannot negotiate the trail to the water. The Rotary Club of Comayagua met with the community to find a solution.
Disaster Aid will raise $14,800 Canadian ($11,750 US) to rebuild the water system. We can start phase 1 as we have $7,700 donated by Disaster Aid Australia, DA Canada and RC Comox. 
Phase 1 is the reconstruction of the dam and the building of a sand filtration system. Phase 2 will include the installation of the main water pipe to the village.

BC Wildfire - twitterHaiti Was Hit by Another Catastrophic Earthquake!

A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake hit Les Cayes, Haiti on August 15, 2021. The quake has claimed over 1,400 lives and injured thousands more. Haiti is still showing scars of the devastating earthquake in 2010 and the following major Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Most Haitians from Les Cayes that have lost their homes to this disaster have moved to a tent city at a stadium.  

Disaster Aid Canada is working with Rotary Groups and other organizations in the affected area to help place the support in the hands of those that need it. We are prepared to send shelter to those displaced from their homes. The evaluation of need is ongoing and Disaster Aid Canada will continue to update our donors as we receive reports from the region. We will update as the details of the programs come our way. Please donate what you can to help Haiti. - Please click here to DONATE


BC Wildfire - twitterBC is on fire and declares a State of Emergency

BC has declared a State of Emergency, with hundreds of fires burning in our province. Smokey skies, eerie sunsets, and low air quality have people concerned. There are severe wind warnings changing the current conditions rapidly and forcing more evacuation orders and alerts. Currently, 18,000 properties are either on alert or evacuation.

Thousands of people have been evacuated, across multiple BC towns. Firefighters from across the world have arrived to help, and support is being brought in to help anyone affected by the fires.

Disaster Aid Canada will be collaborating with Rotary groups and other organizations to bring support to people affected by wildfires. We will update as the details of the programs come our way.

Please donate what you can to help BC Residents. - Please click here to DONATE


It is like a War Zone in the Hospitals

Disaster Aid Canada and DAUSA have partnered to raise funds for small oxygen generators ($550 each) to be delivered to the rural areas in India. We are working with Rotary clubs here in Canada, the USA and India.  DAC, DAUSA, our DAI Partners in addition to the Rotary Clubs have close connections in India that will be distributing the generators to the Rural areas of India where oxygen supply is the worst.  

Constant transportation of the oxygen bottles (when available) is a logistical nightmare and having small oxygen generators in these areas is a solution that is needed now!  We already have them sourced and our in country partners know where they need to go. We need the funds to purchase these Generators and Concentrators. 
BBC “Typically, healthcare facilities consume about 15% of oxygen supply, leaving the rest for industrial use. But amid India's second wave nearly 90% of the country's oxygen supply - 7,500 metric tonnes daily - is being diverted for medical use, according to Rajesh Bhushan, a senior health official.”
Please help deliver small oxygen generators instead of bottles! - Please click here to DONATE

UPDATE - Nutritional Supplements for Severely Malnourished Children in Guatemala

The first tranche of funding ($2,500.00) has been sent to the Rotary Club of Guatemala Vista Hermosa Satellite Uwara. They are picking up 2000 bags of the nutritional supplements from the manufacturer on May 29 and delivering them to our friends at Mayan Families. From there the supplements will be given weekly to 100 selected undernourished children as a special formulated food supplement. The families will be visited regulalry by two social workers. We want to thank the Rotary Club of Chemainus, Don Mercer, Jacqueline, Mealing, Virginia Hambly of Sidney, Disaster Aid Australia, Pat and Maggie from Ladysmith, and all of the others who are supporting this project. We could not do this without you!
Gerry Beltgens and Jacqueline Mealing
Rotary Clubs of Ladysmith and Chemainus have teamed up with Disaster Aid Canada and the Rotary Club Guatemala Vista Hermosa Satellite Uwara to address malnutrition in the Mayan Villages. Click HERE to donate

You can provide 2 kilo of Nutritional Supplement that will provide the required Nutrition for a mother and child approximately $5.00 Can per month or $4.00 US. 

Over 60% of the children are severely undernourished. These Rotary Clubs have been working in Mayan villages for some time and are very aware of the decreasing height and weight of children under six. As a consequence many also suffer from respiratory infections and hunger.
Disaster Aid Partners with Rotary Clubs to Restore Water to Honduran Village
Gerry Beltgens, April 2, 2021
“Solving problems as a team just gets more work done.” That is the inspiration behind the Disaster Aid Regional Collaborative. The DA Regional Collaborative or DARC for short, was formed in January 2021 to enable Disaster Aid Canada, Disaster Aid USA and Rotary Clubs in Guatemala and Honduras to work effectively on regional challenges.
Our first project as a collaborative in Honduras is now reaching completion. Organized by Disaster Aid Canada but managed by the Rotary Club of Comayagua in Honduras and the Rotary Club of Comox in Canada, the project was spec'd and funded in record time. Fernando Martinez of Comayagua and Brian Mather of Comox had worked together on the original water Project for the Village of La Mata 12 years ago. La Mata has a population of 500 and access to clean water was now out of a creek 7 kilometers from town.

Update on Honduras and Guatemala

Developing a Path Forward - Disaster Aid Canada Forms Disaster Aid Regional Collaborative

DAC partners with Disaster Aid USA and Guatemalan and Honduran Rotary Clubs
For more details visit:


Disaster Aid Canada Progress Report on Guatemala and Honduras

Gerry Beltgens, Executive Director Disaster Aid Canada - January 26, 2021

In the fall of 2020 Honduras and Guatemala were hit by named hurricanes Eta and Iota between November 4 and 17, 2020. The rain and wind was so severe that some homes were flooded up to four times in the space of a few weeks. 5.2 Million people were affected in Central America and the Caribbean. 1.5 million people were directly affected in Honduras and Guatemala.


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