Stand with UkraineHelp Provide Psychological Rehabilitation for Children in Ukraine.

Update on Ukraine - February 2024
Daily, more and more Ukrainian children are traumatized by war, waking up from explosions and gunshots. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine creates immense difficulty and suffering, so we must unite to help those who need it most. Children are more vulnerable to the psychological trauma of war and need help to work through their grief. Schools became targets and many have been destroyed or damaged by heavy artillery.
Disaster Aid Canada supports the Rotary Club of Khariv Victory projects focused on Psychological Rehabilitation for Children in Ukraine. These humanitarian programs include access to specialists, education, rest, new friendships, and more support for kids affected by this ongoing war. These centers of rehabilitation are for children who have lost one or both parents and will help over 600 children. They are in response to multiple requests from our previously supported shelters for Internally Displaced People (IDPs).
Your help is greatly appreciated, please donate what you can to support these projects. Donate