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Disaster Aid Canada working with Westjet to supply much need supplies to evacuees in Prince George and Kamloops

Disaster Aid Canada has already sent 2 shipments out to evacuees in Prince George and Kamloops. Our next flight for supplies leaves this Thursday and the evacuee centre has requested 2000 Full Hygiene Kits, 2000 blankets, towels and sets of sheets. A big order. Now that William's Lake has been evacuated we are sure we will have even more requests. We are taking our direction from the Evacuee Centres and flying our supplies with WestJet.


The poster to the left contains the list of items we need if some people wish to drop off supplies.


Our Drop off location are:

Disaster Aid Canada Warehouse
Curvalicious Boutique in Langford
Oak Bay Fire Hall
Bridgeman Bistro in Mill Bay








Disaster Aid Canada will be going to Nepal in May 2017 to help an entire village. We would like to “adopt” this village of 25 families with a total of 74 children.  The plan:  to their immediate needs and long term needs as well, providing them basic hygiene education to improve their lives.

How can we achieve this? 

We are working hard at  fundraising to raise enough money to accomplish the following:

~Purchase a plot of land for the village to construct a communal toilet block.  The cost of purchasing this would be $2,000.00 and the construction materials have already been funded.  

~The village is suffering from waterborne  diseases, particially because they use the river as their primary source of water - a spot they asl use as the toilet. Our goal is to provide a Water Filtration Kit to each family. Did you know that a donation of $100.00 will provide a family with clean, drinkable water?

~We have arranged for Health Care worker to come to the village to assess and provide immediate health care  

~No home in this village has soap.  We know that soap is vital for our health and wellness.  Soap is like a do it yourself vaccine warding off many diseases. We will transport and provide soap from the Soap for Hope program.  

~Clothing and sandles are needed for the 74 children. Soap for Hope - YYC will distribute Little Dresses for Africa dresses and shorts made by volunteers in Alberta. 

~Each family will receive basic supplies they need for their home

~ We will distribute comfort dolls made by local Airdrie volunteers to the children.

Lalpur, Nepal 

Providing these items and education to this village will be life changing for the Musahar.  By concentrating fundraising efforts to this village, we will be able to focus on many much needed items instead of just one.  Truly improving the lives of this Musahar Village.

While in Nepal we will be visiting other organizations within Kathmandu. 

~A hospital clinic for women requiring fistula repair and prolapsed uterus repair.   We will distribute Days for Girls kits as well as provide them with a training session on the use and care.

~An organization that rescues girls from the sex trade, we will provide soap and Days for Girls kits as well as provide them with a training session on the use and care.

~We will visit Child Haven International’s destitute children home and provide a special meal paid for by the volunteers, as well as distribute Days for Girls kits and soap, again providing a training session for use and care.  

~We will visit a young girl who had surgeries in 2015 as she could not walk, Shelley Adam and her husband and Arjun funded her surgeries after finding her living under a tarp, unable to walk for 2 years.  We will take enhanced hygiene kits, soap and a Days for Girls kit and educate her on the use and a special comfort doll made for her by local volunteers.

~We will visit a hospital who has a special meal program for “senior orphans” and provide enhanced hygiene kits as required. 


Thank you for your support in helping Nepal. We are thrilled that we have kept in contact since the Earthquake in 2015 and are able to go back and help another village. 


Please consider making a donation to this project!! Thank you for your consideration.



We have a short survey.  It is only 8 questions.  By taking the time to answer these questions, it will help Disaster Aid Canada identify where we might improve so that you, our donors, are getting better information from us. We work on a number of projects each month, both internationally and locally. We want to make sure that you know where we helping others. Thank you for your continued support. 

Take this survey 

Your feedback is very appreciated. Sincerely, 

C. Anne McIntyre, Executive DirectorDisaster Aid Canada (778) 265-8821


Update on the Nepal Earthquake Relief

Thank you to the generous support of our communities. Disaster Aid Canada responded to the first earthquake in Nepal by sending over Disaster Relief Kits to a remote mountain village called Tindhara. There are 200 families living here and 98% of their homes were destroyed. They need our help!

More Disaster Relief Kits have been assembled and will leave Canada shortly. Every dollar helps. Please donate so we can maximize the humanitarian supplies sent.



Our first container is being packed with Disaster Aid Kits, Soap for Hope Hygiene Kits and Little Dresses boxes as you are reading this.

We are preparing the Disaster Aid Kits in our Canadian warehouse in Victoria and packing our first container this coming week.

All donations will be put towards filling and deploying as many boxes as we can to assist the people of the Phillipines.

Please help if you can.

Phone us at 250 595 5974 to donate by credit card directly to us. 

Go to the donate now button to donate online with your credit card.

Mail a cheque to Disaster Aid Canada, 426 William Street, Victoria BC, V9A 3Y9

All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you for helping us to help others.



Your donations to Disaster Aid Canada can help victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan


The Facts about Super Typhoon Haiyan:


  • Strongest storm ever recorded (suspected), no local anemometer survived the storm, so the top wind speed is unknown at this time (Source CBC)
  • 11 metre storm surge hit low lying towns and cities (Source CBC)
  • Towns and cities wiped out, You have seen the pictures on the news (Source World Vision)
  • Potable water not available to over 9,000,000 people (Source CNN)
  • 620,000 homes destroyed (Source CNN)
  • Quote from local resident in Guiuan township: "Even me I have no house, I have no clothes. I do not know how I will restart my life, I am so confused, (crying) I don't know what happened to us. We are appealing for help. Who ever has a good heart, I appeal to you - Please help Guiuan."   (Source CBC)
  • As I write this another storm is predicted to hit this region this week.


What is predicted to happen after this Haiyan:


  • Diseases spread due to contaminated water
  • Communicable diseases spread to 80% of children
  • Diseases spread due to mosquitoes
  • No shelter for months
  • Limited access to potable water as water becomes stagnant


How Disaster Aid Canada can help:


  • Your gift will help bring vital relief to children and families impacted by Typhoon Haiyan, by providing lifesaving essentials and emergency supplies like: blankets, household supplies, hygiene kits, shelter and clean drinking water.
  • Disaster Aid Canada with its logistics partners is poised to send aid to the area's devastated by Haiyan. Last year we sent aid to this region after flooding and earthquakes and we saved lives, see the attached photo. This area was just starting to make headway after the October 15th 2013 earthquake and now they get hit with the most powerful storm to make landfall.
  • The greatest need they have right now is sustained potable water. There will be organizations sending bottled water which will sustain life for the short term but what has proven time and time again to be the best answer for rural availability of potable water is our water purification system which Disaster Aid Canada sends out with survival kits. This allows families to get a supply of water from a river or even a ditch and turn it into potable water in seconds. This system will clean a million gallons of water, enough to supply a family of 10 for a year.
  • Their second greatest need is to stay dry. We will send out Disaster Aid tents and tarps to enable them to stay dry.
  • Little Dresses for Africa donated by Canadians are distributed world wide as you know through Disaster Aid Canada. Any dresses we have on hand will be put in the hands of our logistic partners to be distributed in the areas of need. The pattern is attached to this message. Please continue to send these dresses to us.
  • Supply of hundreds of SOAP FOR HOPE hygiene kits will be included in shipments put in the hands of our logistic partners for delivery.

What we need you to do:

  • We need to be ready to send these kits out within the month of November to get them to the areas in need when the first of world aid runs out. This means we need your donations now to make this a reality and save lives when it really counts.
  • Donate whatever you can afford, (Tax receipts issued for every donation over $20)
  • Donate $100 to enable Disaster Aid Canada to send a water purification system
  • Donate $750 to enable Disaster Aid Canada to send a complete Family Survival Pack
  • Donate $2500 to enable Disaster Aid Canada to send out a Four Classroom School
  • You stepped up to the plate during Haiti, Thailand and Pakistan; please help us help others in need again.
  • We are fully qualified for the matching grant program from the government of Canada. Every donation will be matched 100% by Government of Canada.
  • The need is great... Please Donate.

Latest News from Disaster Aid Canada

Could you imagine what it would be like to lose everything, watch your children suffer through lack of food and water and not be able to give your family the security of basic shelter? These are the questions we ask every day. How can we assist these people around the world to have security as a family unit and a glimmer of hope for their future?

We are constantly moved by the generosity and commitment of fellow Rotarians, their friends and associates here and around the world who support Disaster Aid Canada's humanitarian aid delivery - delivered by Rotarians to those most in need with accountability and dignity.

Disaster Aid Canada, together with our international Rotary partners continues to assist refugees in the Horn of Africa, especially the most at risk at a newly created camp.

At the time of writing, another two containers of Family Survival boxes are being delivered to house the frail and most at risk. The magnitude and complexity of this disaster is enormous with shelter, water, sanitation and food being the priorities.

With the support of fellow Rotarians, we will continue to assist and turn despair into hope.

We need your continued support ...

In our first twelve months of serving those most in need, deploying to Pakistan, the Sudan, Haiti and the Horn of Africa, and with a commitment to assist Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Belkys Lopez in the Sudan again, we need your help in replenishing our stocks. For a family that has lost everything, $750 buys the security of a home ... and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Quite simply, the more Family Survival boxes we have in stock, the more families we assist in the Rotary spirit.

And please remember, Disaster Aid Canada really is the essence of Rotary service. As a project of the Rotary Club of Royal Oak (D5020) its members (and their families and friends) continue to provide a selfless, ongoing commitment - in so many ways - to this real 'Rotary Club' humanitarian project.

We welcome your contact to discuss how as Rotarians, we can help put smiles back onto so many faces through the delivery of our 'boxes of hope'.


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