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Disaster Aid Canada is made possible by our generous donors who want to help and bring relief to those who have lost everything. This gives them hope as they begin to rebuild their lives. Thank you for your generosity.
This is Isaiah McIntosh of McCleans Town, Grand Bahama Island.
He was in his house when Hurricane Dorian hit. He was washed out of his home (which was completely destroyed) but managed to grab onto a piece of plywood.
He was found a mile and a half down the road, disorientated and clinging to the plywood, refusing to let it go. Now he is living with his father who’s house was also damaged and not liveable. He not only received a tent to now live in while they rebuild, he is helping put up tents for others! This Disaster Aid Canada tent was provide by donors like you.
  • For $25.00 you can fund a Water Filter or Solar Light
  • For $500.00 you can fund a 3 room Tent
  • For $1,000.00 you can fund a complete Disaster Relief Kit
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Disaster Aid Canada 
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