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Humanitarian Missions 

While we were in Montreal and forming Disaster Aid International with our two partners, Disaster Aid Australia and Disaster Aid USA, (since joined by Disaster Aid UK & Ireland) we also met with several supporters and other aid providers.

Of particular interest was Governor Tom Agee from Louisiana State who, when he saw our Sky Juice Water System told us how he had been trying for over two years now to complete a Rotary District Aid Package to set up better drinking water for 11 schools in Swaziland.  We are aware of the aids epidemic there and the absolute need for housing for all the orphans who are just left out in the open.

When we asked him about providing our Sky Juice Systems and some shelter for the kids, his response was absolutely astonishing to us all.

He said that most people in these areas are so destitute that they actually pray for an earthquake or a catastrophic incident so the rest of the world will then notice them and their needs.

Our answer was that why can’t we just do a humanitarian deployment for them and help them out without any hullaballoo.

Thus, apart from our capacity to do emergency aid response, we want to have a humanitarian side of our programs where we can work with different Rotary Clubs or Rotary Districts or Rotary Governors who have a specific plan of action.  We can utilize our world wide support, delivery capacity and volunteer base of Disaster Aid Response Teams to make these happen.

We hope to eventually set up Humanitarian Relief pages on this site so you can see how you can help the orphans and schools in Swaziland, or the thousands of refugees now streaming into Sudan to vote in the upcoming elections or to assist us with providing schools and shelter back in Haiti.

You will be able to go to these specific pages, see what we want to provide and if you want to help in a particular way, you can be assured that your donation, if made in time, will be utilized for that project alone. Also from time to time we will set up special funds connected to these projects on our Canada Helps donation page which can be accessed by clicking the DONATE NOW button on our site.

Not only that but with the new technology available to us on deployment, you will be notified when your donation is delivered, exactly where it is delivered (a Google world “SPOT” location of your actual item) and a picture of the people we gave it to in your name.  All donors of complete Family Survival Packs will receive visible proof of delivery.

Only with the help of our donors, our international partner countries, supporters and Rotary Clubs, and their connections worldwide, can we bring all the pieces together and give people hope.

Welcome aboard and thanks for your help.

Don Ohlgren
Executive Director
Disaster Aid Canada

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