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Executive Director Retires

At the annual year-end board meeting of Disaster Aid Canada, Don Ohlgren submitted his resignation as the Executive Director of Disaster Aid Canada.

At the annual year-end board meeting of Disaster Aid Canada, Don Ohlgren submitted his resignation as the Executive Director of Disaster Aid Canada.


Don said as follows: My wife and I have been truly privileged to be involved with Disaster Aid in one form or another for the past nine years through our Rotary Clubs connection, first as volunteers for Shelter-Box, and then as full time co-coordinators, and now again as volunteers with Disaster Aid Canada.

We have helped to raise just over Ten Million Dollars during this time and have made a difference between life and death for thousands of people all over the world.


None of this would have happened if it were not for the assistance of our donors and the many hundreds of Rotary Clubs and Rotarian's across Canada who have stood by us and helped us to help others.


During these nine years, we have made some difficult decisions to change directions and create a 100% Canadian organization that does the same relief efforts but keeps the funds, purchasing and financial controls in Canada. Recent events, both morally and legally have proven this to be a wise decision.


We will truly miss the interaction and support shown by so many of you across Canada. It's time for us to pass the torch to new blood and assist them to make Disaster Aid even more successful. We also feel that it's time for us to have some time for ourselves and to slow down and enjoy more of life itself, together.


John Joynt, a Rotarian and accomplished humanitarian has volunteered to take the helm in the interim.


The board of Disaster Aid Canada has also decided to expand the board to truly represent all of Canada and has invited applications for board positions.


Thank you all for your support. These have been the most exciting years of our life as we have been able to work with Rotarians and their friends to truly make a difference in this world.


We will miss you all.


Regards - Don and Anne Ohlgren  

Latest News from Disaster Aid Canada

Could you imagine what it would be like to lose everything, watch your children suffer through lack of food and water and not be able to give your family the security of basic shelter? These are the questions we ask every day. How can we assist these people around the world to have security as a family unit and a glimmer of hope for their future?

We are constantly moved by the generosity and commitment of fellow Rotarians, their friends and associates here and around the world who support Disaster Aid Canada's humanitarian aid delivery - delivered by Rotarians to those most in need with accountability and dignity.

Disaster Aid Canada, together with our international Rotary partners continues to assist refugees in the Horn of Africa, especially the most at risk at a newly created camp.

At the time of writing, another two containers of Family Survival boxes are being delivered to house the frail and most at risk. The magnitude and complexity of this disaster is enormous with shelter, water, sanitation and food being the priorities.

With the support of fellow Rotarians, we will continue to assist and turn despair into hope.

We need your continued support ...

In our first twelve months of serving those most in need, deploying to Pakistan, the Sudan, Haiti and the Horn of Africa, and with a commitment to assist Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Belkys Lopez in the Sudan again, we need your help in replenishing our stocks. For a family that has lost everything, $750 buys the security of a home ... and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Quite simply, the more Family Survival boxes we have in stock, the more families we assist in the Rotary spirit.

And please remember, Disaster Aid Canada really is the essence of Rotary service. As a project of the Rotary Club of Royal Oak (D5020) its members (and their families and friends) continue to provide a selfless, ongoing commitment - in so many ways - to this real 'Rotary Club' humanitarian project.

We welcome your contact to discuss how as Rotarians, we can help put smiles back onto so many faces through the delivery of our 'boxes of hope'.


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